Monday, March 14, 2005

If These Are Our Heroes, I Think I'll Be Book My Coffin Early

I just finished the first trade of Young Justice. At first I thought the book was going to have a decently serious feel to it. Not serious, ok, but at least on par with Generation-X in its early issues (before the giant talking weasel showed up).

Not so.

The book is one giant fricking PUN! From the New Genesis super-cycle that imbues a random bystander with, and I kid you not, hypnotic breasts so big she can't stand up (but are conveniently hidden by objects, bystanders, or shimmering golden light radiating from them), the constant aside notes that this IS a comic book ("And, by genre convention, ever so conveniently five miles away..."), and the stupid character names ("Agents Fite 'N' Madd" who get to their secret base by going through the nostrils of one of the faces at Mt. Rushmore...)...the book's a pun. Some of the dialogue is amusing ("...overall I feel the incredible urge to smack all of you. Impulse in particular."), and the appearence of a New Genesis/Apokolips reference was amusing...but overall the book just doesn't hold up.

To be honest, I keep waiting for Darkseid, or someone like him, to show up and kill them all. That can't possibly be good...can it?

Thankfully I borrowed this book from Lisa. I will be returning it as quickly as I can. I'm just happy I never shelled out cash for it.


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