Sunday, March 27, 2005

Crack in hundreds of 3-D flavours

I got bored on Thursday night when I got home for the weekend to cat sit, so I decided to see what all the hooplah about the Game Cube my brothers got for Christmas was all about. I've played it before with them, and honestly I haven't been all that impressed. I found that I vastly preferred No One Lives Forever and Quake III (I know...I'm old school) to the James Bond first person shooter they bought.

But I picked up this weekend and it was like taking crack. You want to stop, but for some reason you're drawn back. The subject of my current addiction (at least for two days) was Soul Calibur. Now, I haven't played a fighting game in a long time. The last one was probably...hell, I don't know. X-Men vs. Streetfighter? And that was nearly a decade ago. But SC has really grown on me. I love swords, so a fighting game that's all about sticking sharp pointy things into soft squishy things that scream and bleed has a great deal of appeal to me. Especially when one of the guys is a fencer, and one of the girls is dressed like she'd in the British Admiralty circa 1885. Its quite a bit of fun. THen I went on the adventure mode after beating the Arcade Mode on three or four different characters. The "Weapon Master" mode is basically a story that has scripted rules and setups for all the fights, including dungeon crawls, booby-trapped gladiatorial pits, and having to beat down half a dozen monks to prove you're cool. Unfortunatly my brothers don't have a memory card for their machine, so the next time I want to play it I'll have to start from the beginning. Additionally, it can't save the fact that I beat the game with a regular time of 6-8 minutes on Arcade.

Ah well. Now I must work. But I have something to do brainless things with whenever I come home.

Nintendo, Making 3-D Crack For Somewhere Around 20 Years.


Anonymous Jason said...

Well, it wasn't Nintendo that made that particular brand of crack. It was Namco. Sweet, sweet Namco.

Anyway, I know the fencer guy (Raphael; he's cool), but which was the Admiralty chick?

Oh, never mind. I just realized it must've been Ivy. I hate Ivy soooo much...

12:38 p.m.  

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