Sunday, April 17, 2005

Tales of the Old Corps

Before the Guardians left the galaxy.
Before the death of Abin Sur.
Before Alan Scott bought his magic lantern.
Before all these things there was the Green Lantern Corps.
They were the light in blackest night.
They were the shining beacon of justice and hope in a universe frought with injustice and corruption.
These are their stories.

This is the blurb I'm using for the new DC Heroes game AlexanderLambert is running for me. Basically we had a long conversation a week or so ago about the big problems with the Shroud. Mainly the problem there is that I was playing a hero wasn't just two heroes in one (in that special Jason Blud/Etrigan way), but the big, powerful hero there was categorically nuts. Also, there was the problem that Alexander, no offense to him, isn't the greatest with magically centered games. He just doesn't have the same knowledge base to work off of that I do, so I'm always expecting a bit more than what happens.

So we came up with a game that we BOTH wanted to do. He wanted to run a high flying, near-four color, superhero action game. So we mulled over it for a while. We threw out a bunch of different ideas. I didn't really want to play in a game where the main point was trying to audition for the JLA. He didn't want to run a game set in the Batman: Beyond setting but as "The Question: Beyond", in a corruption frought futuristic Hub City (Alexander is an enormous Question fan, but didn't want to run such a dark game). But finally we settled on something that I'd always wanted to play, and would free him up from having to worry about continuity issues:

He was going to run a Green Lantern game. But not a game about GLs on Earth. Hal Jordan would never appear. Earth might well never be mentioned. No, this game takes place in an indetermined time long before the Corps as we know it today. Probably somewhere between two and eight hundred years prior to our current time.

We talked over the sort of character I wanted to play for a while. I wanted to play a bipedal alien who was a cop on his home world before he became a Green Lantern. Now, for fantasy and sci-fi settings, I love doing desert, Arabia-style worlds. I'm not big on Middle Eastern mythology, or Islam, but I just love the old architecture, especially in the huge kingdoms in Arabian Nights and that sort of thing. And thus Go'Hara, a remote desert world in a binary star system in Sector 1419 was created.

I worked out the DC Heroes stats for the race once we'd figured out the general climate of the planet. Since its hot, the alien race should, in appearence, reflect this. I wanted them to be definitly alien, so I decided that Go'Harans would all have bright red skin with a fringe of silver and yellow scales around the outline of their bodies. I also figured that their hair would range from stark white to platinum blond, with yellow eyes and triangular pupils. I further decided that they'd be very heat resistance, since their world was so hot, and thus would have Flame Immunity linked to their Body. Also, since there were two suns and three moons, it would always be pretty bright, so I decided that Go'Harans would also have Shade linked to their Body. I finally decided to add two finishing touches. Since they were so heat-based already, Thermal Vision seemed a natural choice. And finally, just to add a neat facet to their society, I gave them all Solar Sustenance 12.

What this meant was that Go'Harans are photosynthetic, for the most part. They can eat normal food, but they don't need to if they can get at least a few hours of sunlight each day. Linked with the hot climate, this suggested that there would be very little taboos against showing flesh. So their clothes would be very loose body wrappings that served mainly to be used to hold pockets and clip things to. Men and women would both wear loose, flowing pants, and women would have a simple wrapping over their breasts to keep the book from being rated R. From there there would probably be slippers of some sort to keep from tracking your feet through anything nasty, and after that all clothes would be purely functional to hold important objects.

Go'Haran society would be divided into houses and castes. Each city would be ruled by the matriarchs and patriarchs of its major houses, and there would be a global senate of appointed representatives of each city. Wars would be between houses and cities. The Go'Harans wouldn't travel much, but rather live in relative wealth and decadence on their own planet. I also decided that police officers would be without house or caste. They were either outcasts, disowned from their houses, or they voluntarily gave up their familial ties in the cause of justice. THey all, thus, would take on the surname "Sen" to represent this.

Thus Kishar Sen was born. History-wise, he is the son of one of the major ruling families in his city, served as an officer in the house army for a few years, and then forswore his family to become a cop.

The next post will talk about last night's session. It rocked. Big time.

Oh yeah, it's been decided that Kishar will be using Abin Sur's oath. Because I love it so much. You know the one.

"In brightest day,
In blackest night,
No evil shall escape my sight.
Let those who worship evil's might
Beware my power:
Green Lantern's light!"


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