Sunday, August 28, 2005

O Nostos (again)

What follows below is the two posts I wrote on the flight yesterday.

My plane arrived in Pearson a half hour early. Customs was no toruble at all. But my baggage took nearly two hours to get through the carousel. I spent msot of last night online or eating and watching DVDs. Stayed up till 3am, making it a full 24 hours I'd been awake, just to try and acclimate myself back to Eastern Standard Time. Hasn't worked too well today. I got five solid hours of sleep, and the rest was tossing and turning. I think I got maybe 7 or so, in total.

Hopefully tomorrow I go into Toronto and buy Mage the Awakening. I hope. Depends on if the Hairy T can get it in or not. Their suppliers are assholes sometimes.

Oh, and I didn't get pizza last night. I made myself blackened salmon (damnably good, perfectly cooked), mashed taters, and asaparagus. Even when exhausted I'm still gourmet. God I love blackened fish.


Transmission from 35,000 feet (part the first)
11:25am EST (4:25pm in London)
Aprox. Time in Air: 3 hours, 25 minutes
ETA: 4pm EST (4 1/2 hours more to go)

Flight is uneventuful. I finished V for Vendetta in one sitting, and The Adept: The Templar Treasure in the airport. Listening to the fourth Hitchiker's Guide collection on my iPod, though I've been struck with the desire to watch the V for Vendetta trailer again.

Meal on plane was passable, surprisingly, though I'm still pissed that the lunch I had at the O'Neil's (the franchised Irish pub I've spoken of previously) at Heathrow had no Strongbow on tap. A man should not be forced to cope with Stella Artois at 11am in the morning.

Got to the airport EXACTLY 3 hours early. Checkin took about 10 minutes. Customs took another 10. They didn't even want to check my computer for bio-weapons, so apparently being lilly white has assisted me for once. Well, that and the fact that I was wearing a top hat. I think the English have a bio-psychic compulsion to obey or ignore any man in a top hat. Go socio-programming!

No real further thoughts. My laptop only has another hour and a half of power or so, so I'm going to ration it a bit. I shall continue chronicling the flight for you, my duitful and loyal readers.

Maybe I'll get around to some scripting. Alexander's given me his feelings on SUICIDE YAKUZA, and I'm awaiting JasonK's impression. Alexander's good for technical stuff, but on topics like this one Jason thinks on a far more similar wavelength to my own. I'm going to get off the cover letter to Marvel this week. I just need to print the form off, sign it, and mail it off. Hopefully will hear back sometime before October...but you never know.


Transmission from 35,000 feet (part the second)
3:10pm EST (8:10pm in London)
Aprox. Time in Air: 45 minutes
ETA: 4pm EST (4 1/2 hours more to go)

Flight continues to be uneventful.

The Hitchiker's Guide continues to get more incoherent by each phase.

On the upside, my iPod has been running for at least 6-7 hours so far, and is only one third of the way through its power cell. I thank my father for indepedently powered headphones.

I love the headphones. They dampen sounds very nicely when they're off. When they're on, they're damn close to soundproof. Which makes them PERFECT for plane uses.

I have been fed substandard, cold four cheese pizza. It was either that or "salami" pizza. There have so far been no cookies. I am very dissatisfied by this circumstance. I'd also like some peanuts. Not bloody likely.

ALl things going properly, I should be home in a couple hours...which is when I'll probably post this, though I need to go grab some things first. Among them, probably groceries. I'm not in the mood to cook, but I think it may be my only option tonight. I may just order out for pizza.



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