Friday, September 09, 2005

School supplies. Check. New DVDs. Check. Allergies...goddammit. Check.

I apparently have allergies. Don't ask how I've failed to realize this before. They just manifested this week.

Itchy, dry, red eyes. Dry throat. Runny nose and sneezing. The pharmacist put me on anti-histamines. Amazingly, they seem to have some effect. Not much. But some. I'm immune to most common shelf drugs. Including, as I once had the horror of finding out, certain kinds of topical anaesthetics. Painkillers do not work on me. Up to, and including, Tylenol with codine. So needless to say this Aerius stuff is...only mildly effective. At least my eyes don't feel like tiny vermin are living at their edges anymore.

See, I only have one actual allergy that I'm aware of, and that's drugs that involve sulfer in their composition. Which causes me to break out in full body hives (fun!). I have no food allergies. I have no drug allergies. But apparently there is SOMETHING in the air at this point in time that's murdering me. Damned if I know what it is. Might be ragweed.

Ragweed. Mother says you're good for me. But I'm no good for you. Thus the course is clear! Ragweed...must DIE!

Ahem. Sorry, channeling Stewie.

In other news, I moved into dorm a few days ago. Settling in. Work is nuts, since its Film Festival weekend. But should calm down soon. I can literally only work three days a week anyway, so by and large my nights and days are safe.

Things are otherwise going great. Something is gestating at the back of my brain. An idea. Not 100% sure what it is yet, though. Its...something. Something genius-like. Await. And beware.


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