Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Ok, I got the insect bite down...where are my goddamned superpowers?

I just got stung by a wasp. I'm feeling OK, I'm not allergic (that I know of), and it really doesn't hurt as much as I remember.

I'm phobic of wasps. I think I might have just had that cured, becuase this didn't hurt much more than a bad injection needle. A quick sting, flesh is a little tender in the sting area, and feels a little tight. Area is a little swollen, but not much.

I remember when I was a kid and this hurt like a bitch.

But my big thing is that...I don't feel any diffferent. I don't feel like I can suddenly fly, or shoot laser beams from my fingers, mouth, or ass, and I certainly don't feel like I have the proportional strength of a wasp.

I am dissapointed.

Marvel comics continues to lie to me.

Now I'm gonna go back to writing about Yakuza thugs beating up teenage manga cultists.


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