Saturday, December 05, 2009

Domain library

As a corollary (almost said "coronary") to my last post, I've been voted in as domain librarian. The Camarilla has yet again given me something to add to my resume.

I am now the librarian of a member-donated library for the Toronto chapter of an international not-for-profit organization. Did I mention we donate tens of thousands of dollars to charity every year?

I'm excited about the prospect of a domain library from an academic level, as much as I'm happy that people will stop asking me for books from my own, personal collection. I need to get a few more book shelves in to store them, I need to get them cataloged, organized, and then I need to set up a system for lending and returns. Which will probably involve me liasing with our Domain Coordinator, as we don't have the legal recourse of a normal library.

A fully set up system also means, when I eventually step down and pass things over to a new domain librarian, I'll be able to just hand them a few files, and possible a Googledoc or something like that, and they'll be all good to go. Hurrah, engineering office continuity! for people to just start donating books. I'm tempted to see if I can find a bunch for discount on eBay or gaming stores that carry used books or something like that.


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