Sunday, April 24, 2005

The Amazing Power of Search-Engine!

For those that don't know, I'm the new VST Forsaken for the Toronto Camarilla Domain. Which means that I'm the guy running the Werewolf: The Forsaken LARP in Toronto.

Well, not quite. We're waiting for the LARP book to come out in the fall, so first I'm going to start off by actually building the city. The good news is that Toronto is being partitioned by venue, so I really don't have to do the ENTIRE city. The bad news is that I get the back ass end of beyond part of the city, so some judicious web work has been required.

Its going well now, though. I have a lot of basic notes and a good idea of what my first storylines will be. There'll be action, adventure, and a scene of a man wrestling a bear for no reason. And all sorts of other stuff.

But I've really learned a lot about some interesting aspects of the city so far. And I'm going to need to head East in the next week or so to get some pictures of places. A TTC Day Pass and my digital camera should do me good. Though its becoming more and more clear to me that I should get the microphone attachment for my iPod. I think it'll be damnably useful in the future. Especially in England.


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