Friday, June 10, 2005

"This Swiss Army Knife paid for by a grant from the Phoenix Foundation"

UPDATED: With the help of a pair of pliers and a jewler's screwdriver that I keep attached to my keychain, I have managed to remove the key fragment from the lock and installed the backup key onto my chain. Everything no works perfectly. I just know not to use the lock in the winter. I'm getting my own show. But I demand to keep the theme music to MacGyver...becuase that music is so retro and annoying. I also demand that the music go on for AT LEAST two mintues before any credits are actually listed. End transmission.

I have two bike locks. One is a standard U-lock, the ohter is steel cable under black plastic with a standard tooth-key lock. Thing is, the cable lock shrinks in the cold, so during the winter my key got pretty bent trying to open it. It is also the only lock I feel even remotely safe using in Toronto.

So anyway...bent key. As I tried to unlock it from the posts in the GO Train tonight whilst coming home from Toronto, they key broke off in the lock. I panicked. I was arriving in Oakville in 5 minutes...not nearly enought time to find one of the GO cops and see if they had bolt cutters.

So I actually said to myself "What would MacGyver do?" Which ended up with me using my Swiss Army Knife to push the broken key fully into the lock, and twist, unlocking it!

The locks now basically trashed. Gonna see if my father can fix it. If not I guess I'll have to shell out $14 for another one. But damn...

...MacGyver, eat your fucking heart out.


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