Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Ph34r my 1337 phi5k5 m0j0, y0!

::cough:: Apologies for leet speak title.

Got my marks for my second year of university in. First off, I managed to pull my GPA up from 2.45 to 2.71 (I had an annual GPA of 3.07). Not only that, but I got a fucking 81 in Physics! EIGHTY-ONE! In PHYSICS!

(ok, so it was physics with no math involved...whatever...EIGHTY-ONE!)

Damn straight. I am damnably good. I also got an 82 in Intro to Greek Culture. Both courses had a C+ average. I got an A-.

I also managed to pull my GPA up by a full .26 from my previous annual score. Hopefully I can achieve that mojo again next year and land myself comfortably around the 3.0 range.

This has been the best news I have heard all week. Hope is alive.


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