Wednesday, May 25, 2005

There's Something About Rucka

There's something about Greg Rucka. The man can write one of the most brilliant spy stories ever to appear in comics. His work as a novelist is quite interesting. He does a great little yarn about crime in the Antarctic.

The man cannot write a superhero story, from what I hear. But if the heroes of said story have official, he is fucking SMOKING.

Just finished the second Gotham Central trade today. Read it from cover to cover. Damn good shit. I am no longer pissed off that they made Renee Montoya a lesbian. Rucka presents it really tastefully...and Maggie Sawyer takes a sympathetic role. And it highlights the differences between being an immigrant lesbian from a heavily Catholic family, and being outed at work...and being a highly placed, highly respected lesbian who has Superman's full support. And also the differences between the cops in Metropolis, who tend to respect each other on general principle because...hey...they're all cops...and if they don't respect each other, Dan Turpin's coming back from whatever grave/retirement resort/office he's currently been confined to, to smack them all upside the head and remind them that he didn't save all their asses from Kalibak for nothing.

But in Gotham you get respect because you're a damn good cop. And even then, there's massive rivalry between the different precincts and sections. And everyone hates the MCU, because they're Gordon's little brownnosers. Because almost everyone single person there was handpicked by Jim Gordon...and if you didn't like the Comish, for one reason or another (he liked Harvey Bullock, he was the Batman's friend, he gave up being a cop after being shot), that gives you a damn good reason to dislike them. Not to mention the fact that people in the Gotham PD are honestly precjudicial on a variety of lines...just like regular people.

It makes for an interesting story. I'm really digging it.

...but his Wonder Woman stuff, I hear, just ain't so good. Pity.


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