Saturday, May 07, 2005

Back in the Ville of Oak

I'm back in my old room. Which is slowly being upgraded. The bed now has my normal comforter and linens on it, rather than the stuff that's been on there for the past two years while I've been away being all big city university chef.

Last summer I rented a room out of a frat house for four months. Most depressing time of my life. Internet was shoddy, the people were a mix of frat boys and weird folk who were looking for cheap housing (it took me two weeks to realize that the sounds I heard from the other room weren't rats in the walls but rather the guy's dog). Some of them were nice, but really I just had NOTHING in common with most of them. I think home will be much less depressing; the hours at Sharkey's are a bit more flexible and a bit less insane than Il Posto, so I may actually have a life. Also, Ryon, from my DC Heroes game, and I are going to be hanging out a lot while I'm on my breaks on Thursdays this summer (working one day a week at Il Posto still), which means I'll get a large amount of intelligent human contact with people who I don't work with.

I'm in the process of moving my two normal pictures onto the walls, replacing the large number of flower prints that my parents put up (which are being replaced by a picture of this great Freeman Patterson shot of a cresting wave, and a water color of Vancouver in 1988 or 83 or something like that). I've still got a bunch of boxes to unpack, and I'm in the process of reorganizing my shelves. Becuase I reread so few of the books on them, the books are being put in where my comics currently are. My comics are going where the books are. My gaming library has also expanded by a full two extra shelves. My superhero RPG books alone take up an entire shelf of space, and the other shelf has been dedicated to nWoD and Exalted.

Tomorrow I'm doing some series renovations. My pipe heads and my calligraphy display are getting a place of prominence (a different one, as my Royal Common Wealth Society Essay Competition award is where they used to be). Also going to probably borrow my dad's HUGE CD binder (stores 250 or so, I think), which he never used, as he never got around to filling it up and then went out and got an iPod.

Speaking of iPods, I went over to the house of a friend of mine today. Steve Illot is one of those guys who's done fucking EVERYTHING. He's a black belt in karate, he worked at the CBC for a damn long time, he's done architectural planning, he's a genius with Photoshop and Illustrator, he knows so fucking much about movies and music and television that it just boggles me, AND he has one of the weirdest niche jobs in the world. He declutters people's houses. I don't know how he does it, but he works his feng shui mojo and somehow manages to make people's houses liveable. He's also managed to accumulate enough junk in his house to make Jack Knight happy. Anyway, I stopped by Steve's today and picked up his huge binder of CDs, mostly radio dramas and books on tape. I'm in the process of burning a whole shitload of stuff onto my iPod. I think I'll do 3 gigs, maybe. Then leave the rest open for future music.

Now I go back to unpacking. A very unenthusiastic "yay".


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