Friday, May 06, 2005

A final post from Victoria College

I'm leaving Vic in a couple minutes, thought I'd make a final post from my residence.

It's been a good year. I learned a lot last year that helped me this year, and I also learned a lot of new tricks. I learned how to manage a half credit course, I learned how to balance school and a job, and I learned that the speed if light is never relative to the observer.

I love university. And it warms my heart that I only have to wait 3 months this time before going back, rather than 4. In two and a half months I'm going to England, and will be spending August there being educated at beautiful Jesus College.

Until that time I'm working my ass off. Looks like at Sharkey's, unless Barkman's or Seasons calls me back with something astoundingly cool and immediate.

I'm going to spend the summer studying. Studying the books on writing comics. Comics and Sequential Art, Understanding Comics, The Powers Scriptbook, The Queen & Country Scriptbook, and The Demo Scriptbook, as well as the Buffy stuff.

I'm also thinking of putting together a bi-weekly Wheel of Time d20 game. I have a hankering to run it.

And now I must go.

There will be more postings coming from the Oakville house's wireless network.

But for now, I big adieu to Victoria for another year. I shall see her in the fall.


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