Wednesday, May 04, 2005

ATTN: Bard searches for artist for online comic!

I've posted a thread on the White Wolf Trinity Universe Forums searching for an artist for the Aberrant comic stuff I've been doing lately. I may need to sit on the current project for a day or two...not 100% sure where to go from where I am (the pitful amount of work known as "the end of page 3"). I'm looking for an artist for said project.

If you are interested, email me at or message me on AOL Instant Messanger under my handle "Narxn" and we'll chat.

I'm in talks with Ian Watson from over at Continuing the Continuum to see if we can
a) root out an artist willing to work on the project
and b) get it published online through CtheC.

The second is almost a done deal. Its the first part that's the problem. I really wish I knew more artists. Thinking on it, I know musicians, masons, magicians, writers, storytellers, professors, TAs...and no bloody artists. I may try to farm out my genius at my high school reunion later this month, as I went to school with some damnably talented artists. Some may well be interested in the entertaining artform of sequential art.


Anonymous Jason said...

*blinks* You're having a high school reunion? I haven't even had MY damn high school reunion yet. What could you concievably have to reune about so quickly?

Ah, well.

Anyway, in thinking about your recent posts re: needing artists, it occurred to me that Craig's List might be the way to go. I don't know if there's a Toronto-specific board or not, but if there is the thing's a damn phenomenon...

Also: Many of the attractive young actresses on TV these days are Canadian. This thought if vaguely disturbing to me and I just thought I'd share it.

11:51 a.m.  
Blogger Bard said...

It's a private school. I get invited to an alumni reunion EVERY FUCKING YEAR. This year is the first time I bothered to respond.

I'm not going there for the students. The teachers were the only intelligent discussion I had there since grade 9.

What is this "Craig's List"?

And as for the major field of study in the Young Shigo Legion is "actress", as the Great Leader's henchgirl loves it when women step up on stage. Me, I was a Young Drakonian specializing in Maniacle Laughter (best in my troop!) and Evil Geniusing (I plans had this tendency to succeed).

2:09 p.m.  

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