Sunday, May 01, 2005

A script fragment I came up with whilst waiting in line for Ellis today

I sketched out three rough panels for the beginning of a superfight at a comic convention today whilst waiting in line to get Ellis' signature.

This is probably going to be put into something at some point. Or possibly not. A Project Beowulf assignment that ends up occuring at a comic con would be a laugh riot of cliched weirdness.


Five horizontal panels, going down the page.

Panel 1

MATT NOBLEM, sitting against a black background, at a table. There's a bottle of water beside him. On the table opposite the water are several stacks of comic books. MATT has a full head of black hair, and vibrantly blue eyes. His face is strong and handsome, though his chin is just a bit weak. He is clean shaven, and wearing a black sweatshirt with the "MC COMICS" logo on it. Behind him on the black background is a white sign that says, simply, "MATTHEW NOBLEM (limit 10 comics per person)". MATT is leaning over a bit, signing a comic in front of him.

1 MATT: "...I don't really know where I got the idea for issue number 9 from. It just seemed like a good idea at the time."

Panel 2

From over the table and MATT'S POV. A long line of people stretching across a convention floor. Around the floor there are other people milling about, and various other booths and tables doing brisk business. FANBOY, a tall, geeky looking white guy in his late 20s, is standing there proferring a small stack of single issue comics.

1 FANBOY: "Wow. It was SO good. I really enjoyed it, Mister Noblem."

Panel 3

MATT, still signing. His head is down, he's not looking up.

1 MATT: "Thanks. I'm always happy to hear from fans."

2 MATT: "Next!"

Panel 4

Back on the convention floor, same POV as panel 2. RED SERPENT is standing there, where FANBOY was a minute ago. SERPENT is about seven feet tall, and broad like the Hulk, covered in bright red and black scales, with big lizard ears, fangs, a forked tongue, and a shoved in nose. He's wearing ripped black jeans and little else. He's sneering at the reader.

1 SERPENT: "Prepare to end this here, Excelsior!"

Panel 5

MATT, looking up. He's still absently signing a book in front of him.

1 MATT: "I'm guessing you're not a fan-"


A full splash page. MATT, sailing through a white-painted cinderblock wall into what looks like a convention building hallway. There are a few bystanders looking shocked as he flies through. Through the hole in the wall we can see SERPENT still swinging his fist, not having finished the momentum that went into the blow. People behind him are starting to run for cover.



Four panels. The first two are a pair of squares at the top of the page, taking up maybe a quarter of its vertical height. The third panel takes up the middle two quarters of the page, and the last is a centered square panel taking up the bottom vertical quarter.

Panel 1

MATT, getting up off the ground. His clothes are amazingly unharmed (he's also wearing loose black jeans). He's on his knee, holding himself up with one hand while the other massages his jaw. There is rubble scattered around him.

1 MATT (small): "Normally my critics are a bit less literal with the abuse..."

Panel 2

MATT, standing up, still massaging his jaw with his right hand, while his left is reaching under his sweat shirt to begin pulling it off.

1 MATT: "OK, you've made your point and caused some property damage. Can we call it a day now?"

Panel 3

SERPENT, climbing through the hole in the wall that he punched MATT through. His bulk takes up most of the hole, so we can't see whats going on behind him.

1 SERPENT: "Face me, Excelsior! I, not you, am the mightiest being on this planet!"

Panel 4

MATT, pulling up his sweat shirt with both hands. Its at about his upper chest, revealing blue and yellow spandex underneath with that familiar E-X symbol on it.

1 MATT: "Look, I really have no clue what your beef is here."

2 MATT: "But, since I really don't see us solving this with logic...we'll try it your way."


Anonymous Jason said...

Page two is awesome. It's 100% Jack Kirby composition.

The rest of it's funny, too.

2:54 p.m.  

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