Monday, April 25, 2005

A Miscellania Of Things

Loading five Vinyl Cafe discs onto my iPod. For those that aren't familiar with this wonderful piece of Canadiana, the Vinyl Cafe is a CBC radio program done by the talented, and fantastically hilarious, Stuart McLean. It's about a guy who owns a record store, and his family, and their town, and all that jazz. Its funny, brilliant, and frankly beats most sitcom TV shows into the ground. If you see one of the two disc sets in the store, pick it up. Its worth it.

Secondly, Girl Genius, my favourite steampunk comic, is now a webcomic. Hurrah. It can be found at Much with the hilarity.

Similarly, I now have yet ANOTHER blog to read regularly (ok, to be honest, that makes four altogether, counting JasonK, Warren Ellis, and Corey). Said blog is authored by one Kaja Foglio, of...well...a whole lot of geeky gaming comics fame. Most recently, of Girl Genius.

I've heard, and read...stories...about Phil Foglio. That he walks around conventions dressed like a mad scientist. Ok...frankly, considering that the pinnacle of all fashion for me went out of style a little over a century and a quarter ago, I don't think I'm one to talk. But anyway!

In comics news, at the urging of Jason I've picked up Understanding Comics. I found a hardcover for $25 CDN at the Gray Region, so I'm laughing there. Jason claims its vital.

Project Beowulf #1 has finished being scripted, and Jason has done some editing. I shall now act on his edits and fix things up. Its looking good. After that it'll get another edit, and I'll write up a treatment (which will also get an edit), and then I'll start shopping it around. Crossing my fingers and praying all the while.

I've also started a new project, tentativly titled "Ascent". It's sci-fi, and totally diverging away from superheroes and that sort of stuff. It's something that I've been working on for a few months now, building a research and knowledge base. My Physics class has helped immensly with a few logistical details. I once again praise the power of search engings. Google is a true wonder to behold.

Finally, on the job front. Looks like I may be going back to Sharkey's for the summer. Worked there a couple years back. They're willing to take me back, since I did a good job for them then, and can promise a better job for them now. I'm holding out on a few other restaraunts, though, namely Paradiso, a new place called Barkman's, and possibly an Italian place called Seasons. All are looking promising, but its coming down to the deadline and Il Padre is really riding me hard to get a full time job before next week is over (my father has an annoying tendency to equate lack of information on his part to lack of effort on my part...he's a good guy, but he really does like to know everything that's going on). So I also cross my fingers there.


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