Tuesday, April 26, 2005


I really like this stuff. Not a clue why. I was first introduced to it by my friend, Dave, during a Vampire: the Masquerade game. We ate it with honey. It was a good snack.

Now I'm hooked. Whenever Passover rolls around each year I try to score some from my Jewish friends (of whom I have many).

I think it might also be good with super sharp, super old cheddar cheese. Tuna might also be nice with it. Might also be nice with some salsa. Its a bit too crunchy for hummus.

Anyway, its something I enjoy munching on. And its a whole lot healhier than me tossing back dark chocolate covered esspresso beans when I want to crunch on something.


Blogger kd said...

Went I was a kid we used to eat it with butter and sometimes jelly. I forgot how much I really enjoyed it. Thanks for reminding me.

1:37 a.m.  

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