Friday, April 29, 2005

Project Beowulf #1

Second draft is complete and emailed off to Jason and Alexander for another reading.

I gotta say that it looks a LOT better now. Its interesting to look at the three scripts I've written (Project Beowulf, A World Without Doors, and Ascent). PB is definitly the one that looked the worst the first time around. The script was cramped, a bit shoddy, and too many edits with too little thought for the appearence of the script itself led to it looking...not quite right. AWWDs similarly has a very amateurish script, unsurprising considering its the first script I put together. Ascent has the full force of my current, slightly more refined understanding, plus the fact that I've read through a bunch of scripts by other writers and figured out some of the tricks they use that really reduce the page count on things, but still keep the full appearence of the book throughout.

Now, if I had an artist I could actually shop PB around a bit. Unfortunatly, Image, Oni, and most of the other labels are looking for either writers/artists or writer-artist duos. Dark Horse is looking for writers, DC is activly discouraging people sending them scripts, and Marvel...I have no idea. Ask JasonK about Marvel.

REALLY need to ask Ray about the indi scene.


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