Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Inspiration ex Bendis

Bendis gave an example on Sunday of how a 12 year old would try to script a page about Captain America coming home, getting undressed, getting a beer, and then going to the bathroom. Mind that in his description said 12 year old would often try to describe all that in one panel (my immediate response to this was to start trying to consider one of those 4-D or 5-D theoretical shapes, the ones you just don't have the dimensions to express).

Just the image of some superhero coming home, throwing off his super suit, getting a beer, and going to the john is something I HAVE to use at some point. Because its just damnably amusing.

::strokes beard thoughtfully:: Hmm. Yes. I have a project to slot that into. Actually, its a project that also incorporates the three page script I wrote up on Saturday.

And it all works into trying to do an Aberrant comic.

Heh. 3AM logic.

Now...would that page work better as a 9 panel page, or a series of five vertical panels, cutting up an identical background, with each panel representing a different stage of movement across that background? I've really become enamoured with the second. Its not something I want to use often (god knows I used it twice in a short, 6 page Aberrant script I wrote), but I've always liked it as page composition. I think I used it in WWD as well.

More advice from Bendis: if you get writer's block, shove it in a drawer for a few weeks and dig it out again. Sometimes shove it away for several months. Mull it over.

Some of the best damn advice I've ever heard to alleviate writer's block. The other was Ellis', which basically boiled down to doing six things at once so writer's block on one wasn't really much of an issue on the other five.


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