Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Everytime I Think I'm Safe, Nature Finds New Ways to Scare Me

So I was riding my bike back from work today and decided to take a scenic shortcut along a ravene path behind some houses, thus avoiding the street and also getting some flatter ground.

Whilst riding, I startled some ducks, one of whom seemed to be desperatly trying to help the other into the bushes. I thought, at first, the poor duck had got its beak stuck in something, and moved to help. No, it had its beak stuck in the head of another duck. My next thought was, "Poor thing, I didn't know ducks cried over last mates". My third realization is, "Jesus...get a room, you three!"

Yeah. It is, apparently, mating season for the humble mallard. And they're noisy. My GOD are they noisy. And apparently promiscuous. Forget screwing like rabbits...the ducks seem to be getting ALL the lovin'!

::sigh:: Just when I thought it was safe to go back in the forest, Mother Nature tries to frighten me again. I really could have gone a long time without seeing two ducks going at it. Honestly.


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