Friday, May 13, 2005

Customer Appreciation

So...I cashed in some 24,000 iRewards points from my VISA and got $200 worth of Future Shop gift cards. They finally arrived yesterday...and today I got the day off work. So I went down to cash them in.

So I walked out of Future Shop with the second season of La Femme Nikita, the second season of CSI (minding that I don't have the first season, but its episodic enough that I can watch it without watching the previous season), National Treasure, and the first two episodes of The Pretender. I really don't know much about the last show, but it was cheap to pick up the first two episodes, and there's a $10 rebate if I actually decide to purchase the entire show. Its got a neat sounding concept, so I decided to give it a go.

I also managed to get the inside booklet for the fourth season of The West Wing. Apparently there was a long run of the boxed sets that weren't packaged with the booklets that describe just which episodes are on which disc. So Future Shop has a stack of them by the cash register so you can grab them if you need them.

So today was a good day. I also got a four bottle case of Strongbow cider, and a buger at Lick's. For those who aren't familiar with Lick's, it's a Canadian burger joint, started actually right here in Oakville, Ontario. They do some damnably good burgers. Fresh grilled and all that stuff. Truly delicious. And there ain't none in Toronto, so I have to come out to Oakville to get my fix.

Overall, its been a pretty damn good day. With movies!


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