Friday, May 20, 2005

Way too little sleep...


Six horizontal panels running down the page.

Panel 1

JOE, a fat Italian guy in a white t-shirt covered in sweat and baking flower, wearing a blue and white striped apron around his waist. He has curly black hair, piggy little eyes, and at least two and a half chins. His skin color appears to be bright red...but he's also tired, overworked, and way too hot. In the background are some pizza ovens, and VINNY, a skinny Italian kid in his twenties wearing a white polo shirt and black jeans, sitting in a shitty white, plastic lawn chair with his running shoed feet kicked up on a counter. There is a phone on the counter beside JOE, who appears to be kneading dough.

1 SFX (from phone): "RING RING!"

Panel 2

JOE, on the phone.

1 JOE: "Joe's 24 Hour Pizza Delivery."

2 PHONE (electric, but the words are kind of crooked on the page): ""

3 JOE: "What kind've pizza?"

4 PHONE: "..."

Panel 3

Same as last.

1 PHONE: ""

2 JOE: "You want the Meat Special?"

3 PHONE: ""

Panel 4


1 JOE: "How many you want?"

2 PHONE: "...lots..."

3 JOE: "I got your number on call display. 891 Chestnut?"

4 PHONE: "..."

Panel 5

Same, but now VINNY is scribbling something down on some paper in the background.

1 PHONE: "...yes."

2 JOE: "Twenty minutes or its free!"


Panel 6

JOE, turning to VINNY.

1 JOE: "Hey, Vinny! We got some stoners ordering pizza."

2 VINNY: "I'm on it. They sound baked enough to tip well?"

3 JOE: "Vinny, they sounded baked enough to buy you a fucking Rolls for tip."


A splash page. The PHONE-BOOTH ZOMBIE (PBZ) is standing at a telephone in the front hall of a suburban home. The front door is swinging wide open. MOM'S body is hung over the railing, she's missing some pieces, and there are flies on her.

The PBZ is a rotting corpse of a man of indeterminate age, standing about 6 feet or so high. Its hunched over, wearing a rotting suit that might have once been nice, but it looks like PBZ was buried in it. In one half rotting hand is clenched half a dozen takeout menus, and in the other is the handset for a touch-tone phone that's sitting on the hallway table in front of the zombie. There are another three or four takeout menus on the table, crumpled up...the top-most of which is for JOE'S 24 HOUR PIZZA DELIVERY. The PBZ is currently holding "WONG'S LATE NIGHT CHINESE".

The phone is up to PBZ'S ear. Its mouth is open, revealing missing teeth, and a rather sizeable portion of missing cheek and jaw. One eye has no lid and hangs out of the face slightly. It has no eyebrows, or lashes. Its nose is sunken deep into its face, and its oily black hair is only in sporadic patches of remaining scalp.

1 PHONE (electric): "Wong's Late Night Chinese."

2 PBZ (scraggly word balloons and disjoined letters, like page 1): "Want...number 3...special..."

3 PBZ (linked): "...driver..."

The Phone-Booth Zombie is intellectual property of Derek Burrow, as created May 20, 2005.


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