Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Jed and Leo

Been thinking about the West Wing recently, after a conversation with AlexanderLambert the other day.

The basic subject was this: Jed and Leo not as the President and his Chief of Staff...but as two drinking buddies. Every time that Jed is going behind Abbie's back with Leo to conspire over some political scheme, its two guys in a sitcom, going to a bar, and trying to figure out how to skip out on some "family time" with their wives this weekend in order to go fishing. You can really almost see them as just two regular guys...except Leo is NOT a drinking buddy (what with the alcoholism and AA and all that), and Jed is most definitly not a regular guy (because...y'know...he's the President).

But its an interesting way of looking at things, I think.



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