Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Well, that's it for MY money!

In the last three weeks I've bought...a lot of DVDs. So cutting down my spending by two thirds for the next month to pay it all off. Still, its been good. Got Farscape Season 4 and the third season of CSI on sale at the Hairy Tarantula this weekend. Grabbed Carnivale and the second season of Dead Like Me for cheap at Futureshop. And got a whole bunch of cartoons off Amazon. That's it. I'm done. Its back to RPGS and comics for now. The only DVDs coming out that I want are Farscape season3 (so I can understand season 4...don't ask), and Batman Begins. Not a whole lot else that I want comes out till December.

Still pondering my Halloween costume. Most superhero plans have gone down the toilet. I need to start trolling the Army surplus stores for a gas mask. I still have a month to figure out how to go as Wesley Dodds.

"Let evil men fear the Sandman's dark dream".
(I even figured out how to build a gas gun)


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