Wednesday, November 30, 2005

First draft DONE

5000 words, counting foot notes.

This assignment is the largest I've written for a class. It's also really useful to me becuase it is, for all intents and purposes, the jumping off point for working on a full on treatment for ASCENT.

Yeah, I took one of my comic book ideas and changed it a little to fit it into the assignment.

This is good, actually, because ASCENT is by far one of the stranger and more complex settings I've worked out. Its also got a lot of actual science in it. Its all about astronauts, theoretical physics, space ships, and blatantly abusing the laws of physics.

The funny thing is that the only time I actually quote anything in the paper is the two quotes from JFK's Rice Stadium "Moon Speech". One is the famous "We choose to go to the moon". The other begins with "We sail on this new sea". Honestly, that speech has some GREAT quotes for a story about space travel.

I tried to find a compartivly useful Bush quote about space travel. Bush's speeches look so much better on paper. But alas, there wasn't much to use. So I stuck with JFK. Still a classic.

The first third of the paper is just narrative giving a brief history. The rest of it is all quotes from people involved with the incident, and foot notes. LOTS of footnotes. About a thousand words worth of footnotes. Yes...a 5th of my paper is foot notes.


“Have you ever wondered how weird it is that we can put ship that goes faster than light into space…and we STILL can’t cure the common cold?"


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