Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The Greatest Hero of Canada and Her Other, Lesser, Allies


Decoder Ring Theatre produces the fine tales of Canada's greatest masked mystery man in his neverending battle against the criminal elements of the fair city of Toronto!

How could you NOT love a show that begins with a six-episode mini-series about the hero in WWII, kicking the ass of Nazi villains like the seemingly immortal Baron Otto Pilot, the cheerfully neurotic Dorothy Dynamite, or the oily Dr. von Slick?

Not sold yet? Wait, there's more!

An babbling Prime Minister Mackenzie King, reduced to a childlike state of idiocy by a prototype German insanity ray! Here's a little bit of obscure Canadiana: PM King talked to his dog, Sparky. Well, in the Red Panda, Sparky talks back! In fact, he talks back to command the glorious Allied forces of the top secret Panda Division!, led by the bravest of the brave, truest of the true, the RED PANDA!

After the WWII series, the Red Panda heads to the streets of Toronto in guise of a wealthy man-about-town with his trusty drive/sidekick, in her guise of The Flying Squirrel.

The Red Panda didn't come back to a city run by the enemies of the Spider or the Shadow, though. No, like the mythical aviator G-8 and the stalwart soldier of virtue, Doc Savage, the Red Panda has brought his Weird War home with him! Between the supernatural catburglar known as The Sphynx, the terrors of Professor Zombie, and the superspeed thief, the Jackrabbit, the Red Panda has his work cut out for him! Only his brilliant technological talents, his uncanny skill with the art of hypnotism, and the timely assistance of the Flying Squirrel allow him to combat these threats!

Look out, evil, here comes...


Neither the Bard nor Chasing the Muse are affiliated in any way, shape, or form with Decoder Ring Theatre. He's just an innocent pulp geek who's getting his radio fix. Cut him some slack.


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