Monday, November 07, 2005

Big Damn Podcast and the Big Damn RPG

(take 2, since last time Blogger AGAIN killed my post)

I'm not really a big fan of podcasts. Really the only one I ever used to listen to was Warren Ellis' Superburst Mixtapes, which weren't really podcasts at all but just music compilations availible online that Warren was kind enough to assemble from some of his favourite indie bands.

But lately I've been listening a lot, nigh on obsessivly, to the Firefly/Serenity podcast The Signal, the big damn podcast about all things Firefly.

Now, I'm a big fan of the TV show and the movie, as most of you ought to know by now, so it should come as no surprise that a podcast about my favourite sci-fi TV show (tied with Farscape) should instantly make it to my favourites list. I'm a devoted Brown Coat. Ergo...yeah.

I unforunatly came to the Signal late, after its 14th episode, and thus I wasn't able to really get into the major social activities surrounding it that involved its rise to fame on Podcast Pickle and Podcast Alley, or the massive guerilla marketing campaign. The first season is now over, ended at episode 16, along with three or four "special edition" episodes. Its well worth the read. It's hella shiny, serious da bein wah. They have a bunch of interviews ("big damn interviews"), and some great little segments on things like the food of Firefly, and "How to Speak Chinese". These folks went ping ming with this show, and it shows. These are some serious dedicated Brown Coats.

Thankfully Les and Kari (the hosts) have said that they're going to put together a second season, probably sometime in February. I'm hoping for the first week, becuase it would make an excellent birthday present.

On a related topic, if you haven't picked up a copy of Margaret Weis' Serenity Roleplaying Game, then go out now. Right damn now. Its the big damn RPG of the year (well...except Mage, my Mage fandom outweighs my Firefly fandom by just a bit in terms of RPGs). The system is very, very slick, relativly quick and clean, and everything really makes sense. The ONE thing, and really the only thing, that I dislike in the book is that their ship building rules are all based on weight and mass, and are just too damn complicated.

I'm going to be running a Serenity game soon, so I'll probably begin reports on just how the big damn adventures are going. Got some great players lined up for it, all of whom know a decent amount about the show. I have high hopes.


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