Monday, October 17, 2005

Romantic Musings 5

We went to the Fisher Library today.

I mean, its not like I haven’t been there before. But its still a cool place. Reminds me of the library at the British Museum, or at least the ones they have on display. Its really nifty inside.

Got to look at a old copy of the Blake stuff I’m doing a project on. Its weird. Kind of like a poetic version of Austin Spare (leading chaos magician wacko artist guy). These print images with poetry inside them. I think it really presents the text better than the version in the Norton Anthology we’re reading does. If nothing else it makes it LOOK nicer. And makes it look less like an essay and more like something closer to a poem.

Still. It feels like a crime to touch all those wonderful old books. I mean, they’re beautiful. We should at least have been handling them with gloves or something. It feels like to a crime to get finger oils all over them. But then again I suppose they wouldn’t be out if they were going to crumble on us. But still…I just think we should respect the books.