Monday, October 03, 2005

Cheese and crackers

There's nothing better than a nice cheese platter with a bit of fruit, some nice crisp crackers, and a bit of meat. My Danish step-grandmother always used to lay out her open faced sandwhich spread, but there's also just something wonderful about a nice board with three or four kinds of cheese, a bit of bear, a bit of nectarine, and some smoked meat.

Today's spread was 3 year old Balderson (half a kilo bought for about $12 at a bakery down the street...for those that don't know this is the primo sharp cheddar), Lancashire Tasty (a taste I picked up on the farm, a very sharp cheese as well), and some nice runny Camembert (just a bit...I can't stand TOO much of the stuff). Ryvita rye crackers were the base for it all, and there was also some nice dry smoked salmon, sliced into nice little pieces, and a pear and nectarine. Complemented by a sweet, sparkling Italian desert wine. A nice combination.

It was good. Its always good.

Damn do I ever love cheese.


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