Friday, October 28, 2005

Romantic Musings 6

Essay due today rather than on Monday (well, this past Monday) I got an extension. Mainly because of massive amounts of work due recently. This course load is killing me. Two novels a week, plays, and reading for Roman history. I’m honestly considering just not doing half my course readings and doing them the week before the exam.

Not the greatest essay I ever wrote, but it’ll do. Well…considering I handed it in an hour or two ago I think it’ll have to, lol.

I do, however, return to the subject of the Dickishness of Wordsworth (…saying it outloud I keep sounding like the crazy doctor in Nightmare Before Christmas going on about “wormswort”). The Intimations of Immorality is interesting…in a poetic essay sort of way.

It’s an interesting poem, but I have to admit a certain exhasperation with reading it. Wordsworth is a really touch and go poet for me. Either I like it, or I hate it. This…eh. Its leaning between.

But after that comes something called “Ode of Duty”. Now THAT is cool. I dunno. There’s just something to it. Some je ne se quas. But there’s an air to it. Its cool.


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