Saturday, October 22, 2005

This is rapdily shaping into a book pitch

"What do Christmas elves with laser sights in their eyes, a man-eating, 240lb Easter Bunny, three anorexic turkies, and an incontient, balding Cupid have in common?

They're all attending the world's first 'Holiday Character Convention' in Indigo City, and they're all trying to kill someone. The only person who might have the slightest chance of keeping the Convention from going to hell is Jack B. Quick, the pyromaniacle sometimes-private eye.

The only problem is that Jack is busy drinking in a bar three blocks away with a couple of St. Patty's Day leperchauns. Until his drunken stupor is interrupted by a renegade, illegally parked reindeer.

As the body count starts to pile up, Jack has to ask himself: was it really worth getting out of bed this morning?"


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