Saturday, October 29, 2005

News at 11: Bard scares drunk girls, wins prizes

Dressed up for our campus Halloween party tonight. My ears are still ringing.

I credit Jack Skellington's influence for getting me offwork early tonight, allowing me to enjoy the full power of the party. Also, my boss is giving me a raise. Which rocks.

Anyway, I'll be posting pics in a few arns once I've got them uploaded. Apparently, just like last year, this costume was inordinatly scary, becuase I had a LOT of people commenting on it. Its sort of a mix between Mister Fane from The Nocturnals, The Gunwhich, and Doc Holiday.

There were some GREAT costumes tonight. A couple dressed as Neo and Trinity, a friend of mine dressed as Miho from Sin City, this guy who was damn near IDENTICAL to Johnny Depp as Raoul Duke in Fear And Loathing in Las Vegas, and a whole lot of other stuff.

I did surprisingly more dancing than I'd intended, which is really weird becuase I DON'T normally dance. But the music just kind of got to me. Did I mention the earing ringing?

Anyway, at some point this chick in a witch outfit sidles up to me and informs me that I've won the costume contest. Well...ok. Great. What do I get? I got a HUGE bag of CDs. At least 15, probably closer to 20. Mostly bands I've never heard of...though I DID get the new Gorillaz CD in there, whcih is good becuase I DO enjoy them. I guess I'll have to test the discs out. Those I don't like I'll probably just give to the first used music store I can find. Might earn myself enough money for a burger or something. Not bad for a $4 costume.

Now I sit back. I eat bangers and mash again (apple-cherry pork and sundried tomato -garlic pork this time), drink my Blackthorn cider, watch Farscape, and realize that I left the third sausage still in its packaging at work. Pity. It was only a buck fifty, but still...blueberry maple. Just DAMN.

Ah well. It was a good night. I scared drunk people. I won prizes. My ears are still ringing. And now I relax.


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