Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Sky High, Brave New World style

Just got "Evil Unlimited" and "Crescent City" yesterday, and my friend James is mailing me his copy of "Defiance" because he doesn't play the game much anymore. I really appreciate it.

Anyway, as I said a while back, Brave New World can be used to stat out the folks at "Sky High" quite well. So I thought I'd do just that. Below is a rough list that I put together off the top of my head. I've included books refrences for power packages
BNW=Brave New World corebook
RP= Ravaged Planet (the player's guide)
DP= Delta Prime
CC= Crescent City
EU= Evil unlimited
GD= Glory Days (WWII sourcebook)
C= Covenant
B= Bargainers

Oh, of note is that Will Stronghold, the Commander, Jetstream, and Royal Pain are all built as Alphas (built using the author's suggestion of just throwing multiple packages together). They just seem to be on that level of power. A few of the characters I'm setting out as "betas", the equivilant to deuces in the Wild Cards novels. I'll give a brief explanation of what they do, but its so minor that it doesn't deserve a full package.

Will Stronghold- Scrapper x2, Flier x1 (BNW)
Steve Stronghold/The Commadner- Scrapper x5 (BNW)
Josie Stronghold/Jetstream- Flier x3 (BNW)

Layla- Jungler (GD)
Warren Peace- Blaster (BNW) (Note: I built Warren as a blaster for the extra Armor, and because he never seems to actually set things on fire...they just get really singed)
Ethan- Melter (Beta: Ethan turns into a puddle. In this form he cannot be harmed, but only moves at Pace 5)
Magenta- Shape Changer: Guinea Pig (Beta: Magenta turns into a medium-sized guinea pig, use identical physical stats to the Crescent City rats from CC)
Zac- Glower (Beta: Zac glows, its up to the discretion of the Guide if this is actually useful in a given situation)

Gwen Grayson/Royal Pain- Gadgetter (BNW), Genius (RP)
Lash- Stretch (CC)
Speed- Speedster (BNW)
Penny- Doubler (EU) (Note: Penny can make a LOT more than one double, I'd probably design it as an Easy (5) Spirit roll, where each success provides another double, or just a max number of doubles equal to her Spirit)

Coach Boomer- Screamer (RP)
Mister Medula- Gadgeteer (BNW)
The Nurse- Watcher (DP)
Mister Boy- Costumer (Beta: Mister Boy can costume up without using any of his actions in a given round)
Principle Comet-...not a clue, she turns into a fireball...I think

Freeze girl- Freezer (GD) (Note: The chick that Warren hooks up with at the end of the movie)
Ron Wilson: Bus Driver- Goliath (BNW) or Grower (Note: Grower would probably work in inverse to the Shrinker from RP...alternativly he could just be an alpha Goliath with LOTS of Size)
Larry- Goliath (Note: Larry can turn his power off, his Goliath form has additional levels of Ugly and Obvious to note that he turns into a rock monster)
Shapeshifting Kid in Powers Class- Changeling (Defiance)

Anyway, as you can see BNW works surprisingly well for statting out the characters in Sky High. I've been thinking a lot lately about starting up an online BNW game of one sort or another. Then again, if I'd had all these books last year and started Winthrop AFTER seeing Sky High I might have used BNW instead of DC Heroes. Certainly would have toned the PCs powers down a few notches.


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