Friday, April 21, 2006


I came home at around midnight tonight, having arrived from Toronto, and was promptly informed by my father that I had to be out of the house by 9am so the realtor could show it to people.

Now I must get up two hours earlier than expected.


At least he gave me money. I actually need money. Might go to Starbucks, as has been suggested. I also have a prediliction, and I know how bad they are, for McDonalds' hashbrowns and sausage McMuffins. Do not know why. I will indulge that as well. Because.

Tomorrow I work. Not sure how long. I start at 11. Work till...whenever the chef tells me to go. Might be a split shift, in which case I'll probably work till 3 and be back at 5 or 6. Might just be a straight shift of 11 to 5 or 11 to 7 or whatever. Its a Friday, so if it covers dinner it'll probably end up as 11 to 5 or 11 to 8 (maybe 9). Probably put in between 4 and 10 hours tomorrow, depending.

I'm gonna go watch TV. Not quite sleepy yet.

Wasp sting has still not yielded superpowers. Marvel continues to lie.


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