Monday, May 29, 2006

La la la la life goes on

Went to see The DaVinci Code with Caitlin on Monday. Long. As in "prohibitivly long when you're on a date" long. Overall it was an OK movie, but...meh. It was ok. Just didn't push my buttons.

Saw X-3 today. THAT is a good movie. A very high lethality factor. Higher than I thought (despite Alexander warning me in advance).

At the moment I'm putting some very serious thought to taking the "Tales from the Way Down" stuff and writing a Tom'o'Troubles solo book with art done via photography run through PhotoShop. I have a short list of names for people I know who I'd like to try to talk into modeling as various characters.

For some reason, Ray Fawkes is near the top of the list. As Tom'o'Troubles. I wonder what I'd have to do to convince Ray to give up a few hours of his time to set things up for that. In previous experience from doing actual photography (the artsy sort), it takes forever to properly set up a scene to your liking, and out of 30 shots you generally only use 5. Digital saves me from that, though, plus now I can draw things out as storyboards to give me an idea of how to position the "actors". Plus I can use Photoshop to get a stock set of poses (say...50-60 for each character), and vary those around with some editing work to fill up scenes and do full special effects (like levitating someone off the ground, for instance).

I really like the idea, and think it would work well as a series of 12-page mini-comics. Something to hand to editors to show that I'm a cool guy. If this ever ends up getting off the ground, I'll DEFINITLY ship one over to Diana Schutz over at Dark Horse with a big letter saying mainly "thanks for the mini-comics idea, you rock".

I gotta admit that adapting the Way Down stuff is something I've been considering for a very long time, but its a bit daunting in comics form. The stories are perfect for mini-comics, but at the same time even mini-comics require artists. But if I can do it with pictures, *I* become the artist. At which point its just a matter of how I can shape and edit the picture. Worked in I, Papparazi. And using just Tom'o'Troubles and his magic mafia (Glaistig, Jack-in-Irons, Jenny Greenteeth, John Grim, and other thugs named after British fairy stories) means that I don't need a cast with quite the same amount of makeup as the Way Down crew would require (Mimir's bad neck stitch job, Judas Janet's thirty facial piercings, Lady Vapor's gas mask, etc.).

Anyway, its something for me to consider.


Anonymous Jason said...

Dude! Return of the Way Down would be awesome! That's some of my favorite of the stuff you've done!

12:03 a.m.  

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