Sunday, April 30, 2006

Final Con Notes

Some final thoughts.

Everyone was really laid back at the con. I mean...everyone, from the staff to the guest artists and writers, were really cool. They got up and walked around a lot, talked to people, bought stuff from other folks, chatted people up. I think this was the one benefit of a larger space, people couldn't just sit at their table and chat with two or three other people...they actually had to get up and move around. It seemed really relaxed like that.

Kathryn Williams borrowed a camera from her roommate, a camera which is the EXACT same brand as mine, but feels somewhat heavier for reasons I have yet to understand.

Sean Richter, the artist for Suicide Yakuza, gave me his sketch of the main character. It ROCKS. He also showed me the preliminary sketch work and blocking for the first five pages, which will be used as art samples in the pitch packages we'll be sending out once the stuff is ready. Its nice stuff, even in rough, and really captures, I think, what I wrote in the script.

I'm going to geek out for a moment on three things:
-Scott Simone reads my blog, thinks its funny, and recommended it to Gail! Doing the little happy dance!
-I gave. The PBZ short. To Diana Schutz. Senior editor at Dark Horse Comics. Dear...god. Not in a million years did I ever think I'd be handing something to a senior anyone in the comics business this early on. I'm not sure anything will come of it, I mean...its pretty damn short. But still. Glee.
-The publisher and owner of Mr. Comics likes my stuff. He likes the ideas I was talking to him about, and he wants to see more. Well, so does Ty. But still!

I felt really comfortable with people this weekend, which is the total opposite of last year where I pretty much JUST came for Warren and Bendis, and a little Willingham on the side. But this year I actually socialized. And networked. I've got a bunch of business cards here from artists and folks like Diana and Tina Seemann from Max the Mutt. Not that this nessecarily means success, I've certainly racked up a LOT of cards for restaraunts that never hired me in the past. But still. Its something I'm VERY happy about.

Now I need to buckle down and get into exams. This weekend was my last true vacation before exams and summer work. And dear GOD did I ever have a good time.

Oh, and I started plotting out the third issue of SY according to the method that Ty taught us in class. He was right. It really DOES all fall into place. Of course, I need to rewrite the middle of issue 2, but I'd been expecting to do that for a while since I've never really been happy with it. But that rewrite should make the second issue really interesting, and keep interest through into issue 3.

Now to go study. And maybe read some comics. I'm thinking either Violet Miranda: Girl Pirate (drawn by the talented Willow Dawson), or the free issues of Eclipse & Vega that Saul Colt gave me. E&V isn't serious comics. It is, as I told Saul, basically "super-smut"...which he agreed with for the most part. But its funny in exactly how smutty it is. Its like watching an old B-movie. You're not watching it for love of the artistry of it (though Saul's got an interesting cartoony style going for him, leaving aside the more...obvious...aspects of it), you're watching it to see just how over the top and shocking to your sensibilities it is. I can definitly see the parody in it of those long ago Liefeld-Claremont-early Jim Lee years where, but at the same time...I've become a bit more used to slightly more reasonably proportioned female characters.

And now I go study instead of writing more.



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