Friday, April 28, 2006

Friday Con Report from Paradise Comics Toronto ComicCon 2006

First day is done and gone. I have run into no less than...6-10 Engineers already (Svetlana, Chip, Shawn, Eric, Heidi, Patricia, one guy who's name I'm blanking on, possibly a few others who I didn't realize were Engineers).

Svetlanda Chmakova and Shawn Richter are so far the only ones wearing Engine hoodies. I have an Engine card in the hat band of my topper.

Colleen is, I'm told, too ill to come, which really sucks and my hopes for a speedy recovery go out to her.

Chip has grown a beard and longer hair, and he and his friends (including Ramon Perez and Ray Fawkes) brought in some couches, a recliner, and a car. Heidi used this to get Diana Schutz of Dark Horse to head over, and they all seemed to be having a good chat.

It was, as Ty Templeton was telling me last night during class when everyone was talking about the con, pretty slow and pretty dead today. Which was nice. There was a LOT of time to mingle around and talk with folks. Even some of the big names (I just typoed that as "pig names", don't ask me why) like Greg Rucka and Jill Thompson had very short lines, if any lines at all, and were good for chatting with. Brian Azzarello, Jill, and Frank Cho all had small to mid lines at one point or another, but they breezed through those pretty quickly.

Greg has given me my quote of the day: "Writing is a sickness" (in regards to how he can go cold turkey and not write anything for a day or two, then he's about ready to commit bloody murder). Greg's wife thought she'd met me in San Diego. Apparently I look like other people now, an odd experience I shared with Jessica Abel, who looks EXACTLY like a girl I went to high school with.

Hung out a bit with Svetlana, who is VERY cool. She managed to score some copies of Dramacon, so I picked on up. Svetlana and Becky Cloonan are in like...half the pictures I took. They were EVERYWHERE (Svetlana's sister confided in me that Svet had taken her badge off and was trying to be "incognito"...which is a feat worthy of Odysseus when you're the only one in the building wearing a bright white hoodie).

Speaking of Becky, she's very cool, and did a little illustration in my Demo trade. She's got a new manga out (it might be an old manga...) about pirates which I'll probably grab a copy of tomorrow.

Shawn Richter has a zombie comic. Good ol' zombies. His table is close to Chip's "Couches o' Love", but just far enough away that all he can do is stare longingly at that little lounge (to be honest, its like Chip cut out the executive lounge from an airport, grooved it up, and smacked it down in the middle of Exhibition place), wondering just how much fun it must be over there, and no doubt making up stories to himself of how those couches must have lumpy cushions and dangerously sharp springs.

JMS showed up. He wasn't on the fliers or the posters. As far as I know he's just kind of appeared the past two years. It figures that not two days ago I brought all my Rising Stars trades home.

Stan Lee was not able to do his video conference, so apparently they've just stuck a prerecorded interview on "Continuous Loop", which has me thinking of that scene from Good Morning, Vietnam where Robin Williams splices apart a prerecorded Nixon interview to make the VP look very...candid...about his attributes.

Con ended at 8, and everyone headed back to the hotel for food, and I went to grab a bus back to my residence. I'm eating cashew orange chicken as I type this.

Tomorrow I hope to find people who wish to go eat dinner, as the show ends at 7pm.

Still no sign of the Enforcers yet. I have begun to wonder if they have acquired the ability to become invisible. I find this thought to be frightening beyond all words.

I have taken many pictures, just as I promised Maddie. If she would give me an adress, I will shrink and send them to her.

This has been your Friday Con Report.


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