Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I feel kinda dirty

I threw out books a few days ago.

Well, ok. Comic books. Most from the mid-90s. About superheroes. Mostly generic Marvel and DC superhero schlock, so really its not like I was throwing away anything INTERESTING.

I did, however, find my VERY FIRST comic book. X-Men #278, dated July 1991. I started reading comics when I was 7 years old. This July I will have been reading them for 15 years.


I also found my complete collection of the first 40 issues of Generation-X, which I used to be a HUGE fan of, as well as the four issue mini-series that led up to it. I mean...holy shit. I remember when I used to LIKE those comics (actually, some of them are still pretty amusing). Also found my quadruple boarded, double bagged copies of X-Men: Alpha, X-Men: Omega, and X-Men-Prime. The first two had chromium foil covers (I mean the covers were literally made of embossed, superdurable tinfoil), and the second had some weird painted on transparent plastic cover. I forgot I owned those.

Now I go back home tonight. And I'll be putting together a box of novels to pawn off to the local used book store in Oakville. I will not be selling textbooks. I actually still USE those (its true, I use all my Classical Civ textbooks from year to year for essay reference and exam prep).

Comic Con is coming up on Friday. I have a weekly pass on the TTC to save on transportation costs. I'll have about $50-60 after entrance fees to spend at the con. Probably grab a bootleg DVD and a few comics that the indie vendors are selling. I'm hoping to grab a copy of Svetlana Chmakova's OEL manga Dramacon, and Willow Dawson's slated to be there, so I guess I'll probably hang around and chat with her.

And somehow I've found myself promising Maddie Green from over on The Engine that I'll take pictures for her.

I am now one of the official Engine photographers for the con, it would seem. Still have not found a bar for us all to go drink at, yet. This is my failing, and my secret sin.

Well...not so secret anymore.

Going out to find food now. Slept through lunch. Then finish putting together this studyguide for my Roman Slavery class.



Anonymous Jason said...

You tossed some comics? What the hell's wrong with you? You should be checked into a hospital. And such.

Enjoy the con!

3:46 p.m.  

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