Friday, May 05, 2006

America Needs a HOVERBOY!

When Ty Templeton told me about Hoverboy, I laughed. I can't put that much research into a hoax, right?


But no. The Hoverboy website exists. And you must all follow the link above to learn the joys of it.

I will sing you now the Hoverboy theme song:

"Ace was just a boy like you and me
Fighting was a dream he longed to see.
In a cruel twist of fate
They handed him a second eight,
Citing physical deficencies.

Joe McCarthy needs a man
To keep democracy in hand.
To foil every Commie ploy,
America needs...a HOVERBOY!"

Go enjoy it. And watch the animated shorts. They're fucking HILARIOUS. Joe McCarthy bounces Commies off his chest.

Remember: Beware the Communist, children!


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