Monday, February 04, 2008

Jesus. I'm 24. When the fuck did that happen?

I turned 24 about 2 and a half hours ago. Hurrah.

I am also now unemployed, and coming up on...I guess week #4, I think, of that. I quit Imperia. Too much shit. Bad pay, bad hours, abusive boss, and said boss was unwilling to work with me on the pay and the hours (6 days a week for $10/hour...c'mon, people!). So I spent the last few weeks job hunting.

Good news: I will have a job with RBC at the end of March.

Bad news: I have to wait till the end of March to FOR SURE get a job. Until then...its either the family-version of the dole line, or find a shit restaraunt gig for a month and a half. Honestly, I may just keep job hunting to see what else presents itself.

And I seem to have learned the valuable lesson of stretching before lifting weights. My exercise routine, which I started this week, involves some weight lifting (not much, just a bit), but I didn't really stretch properly on Thursday, and now my biceps HURT. But...more exercise tomorrow. And proper stretching. Ah well. No pain, no gain. Though since I'm trying to lose weight, would that be a LOSS of gain? A conundrum for the ages.



Blogger False Prophet said...

I don't know--the jury's still out on whether stretching before exercise is helpful or not. Stretching afterwards is vital, however. I never stretch beforehand and I manage to avoid most pain. You want to feel some muscle strain the day after, though, so you know it's working. Just as long as it doesn't persist for days at a time.

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