Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I have hardcore photography mojo, yo

So I'm sitting around the other day online, just doing my thing. When I get a random IM from someone. Now, I have AIM set to only accept IMs from friends, and to just notify me whenever anyone else tries to message me. So...

...I was a little wigged when I looked at who was sending me a message and realized it was Gail Simone. I'm still geeking out over it. I mean, I always end up having a good time talking to the pros at the small number of cons I attend. Hell, I've played in a LARP run by Ray Fawkes years back.

But for some reason getting an instant message from Gail is a bit different. Its not something I expected, and it was...kinda cool. Really nifty.

Anyway, turns out that the photos I've taken of her at the last two Paradise cons were say good that she wanted to use them in an interview she's doing with the Comics Journal. Which makes me...well...a lot of things. Happy, for one. I mean, I like Gail. She's really cool. And I'm happy to help her out. But it also makes me feel...well, cool, I guess. That my stuff is getting out there (I'm getting a photo credit).

So yeah. That's my random update for the time being. Will link to the article when it goes up, and hopefully you will all see my awesome photo mojo.

Need to get back to writing here more often. Till then, excelsior.


Anonymous Jason said...

Shit, Bard. That's AWESOME!

6:41 p.m.  
Blogger Bard said...

...holy shit. Jason! You're still alive.

I'd have thought the cybernetic weasel assassins would have gotten you by now.

(note to self: get better trained weasels prior to cybernetic enhancement)

8:53 p.m.  

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