Sunday, June 10, 2007

Paradise Toronto ComicCon 2007 - Sunday (Day 3 [technically day 2])

First off, my Flickr has about 50+ pictures loaded up to it from the past two days, out of a choice of about 200, plus several movies.

Today was great. Not as great as yesterday, but then again yesterday was incredible. I spoke with Gail and Scott quite a bit, got to meet David Peterson (creator of "Mouse Guard"), as well as Stuart Immonen (artist on "Nextwave"). So that was all pretty cool. I also grabbed a few more of Gail's books to get signed (one of which ended up being address to "Patrick" before I corrected her).

But the true amusement of the day was hanging out with three Resident Evil LARPers as they ran around the con chasing the Evil Dead: the Musical zombies/deadites. I have probably about 10-12 minutes of them hunting around the con, and their final show down with the undead menance. Quite a bit of fun, for everyone involved.

Thing is, aside from having a lot of fun hanging out with people and chatting, I didn't DO a lot today. Didn't go to any panels (unlike the two and a half I went to yesterday), and the day itself was a shorter, with no party afterwards. Was still a GOOD day. I met a lot of fun people, but some very fun stuff, and had a lot of good conversations.

Headed out with a girl I went to class with this year and we grabbed something to drink at Second Cup before she went home. I went to a good Nepalese/Indian restaraunt I know, then came home to check email and upload the Evil Dead CD.

Big things from this weekend:
-hung out a lot with Gail and Scott Simon, Nicola Scott, and other pros (Cecil Catelucci, Patricia Mulvihil, Svetlana Chmakova). That was the most fun I had this weekend. Also got to see my previous acquaintances Ty Templeton, Sean Ward, and many others.
-Found a possible new artist for DELIVERY, and harassed Shawn Richter over the status of SUICIDE YAKUZA's pitch artwork.
-Bought...a lot of books. "Villains United" and "The Atom" by Gail (all signed), "Earthquake Weather" by Raina Telegmeir, "The Plain Janes" by Cecil Castelucci, "Miller and Mutt" by...well...Miller and Mutt, "The Mice Templar" by Mike Oeming, and others.
-Bought two CDs, one by Sean Ward and the "Evil Dead: the Musical" CD
-I got free booze last night

I needed this weekend. Feel VERY recharged now. Apologies for not being quite as journalistic as usual about today. I spent the last few hours in a hunger haze, hungry and tired and at times on the edge of falling flat on my face. But afterwards I got food and feel just A-OK now.



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