Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A Day at the Market

Blew off Forsaken on Sunday and spent the day at Kensington Market. Went to a party at some friends' house that night, but spent the day wandering around the Market. Which I had only ever really done twice before, and the second time I don't really count because I wasn't there for long, and was too distracted looking for a few specific costume pieces for Halloween.

Kensington is...nifty. Bought some soba; a pair of goggles for my Forsaken PC, Bradshaw; bought a bootleg DVD off a slightly shady looking Chinese man on the street for $4; almond-blueberry square at a bakery; and FINALLY found some Lancashire Tasty cheese at the Global Cheese shop. God I love that cheese, was first introduced to it on the farm.

Just spent some time walking around as well. Considered walking into Chinatown, but was running a little short on time, so I came home.

It was NICE to take two days off work. Very, very nice.



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