Monday, April 23, 2007

Moving In

Ok, first off: I'm not happy with this new version of Blogger with Google. Mozilla HATES it, and refuses to actually allow me to see what I'm it randomly crashes.

The problem here is that my content varies depending on the program and browser I use. Its just a psychological quirk, but its annoying as all hell. Not a big fan of IE. Never have been. So being forced into bed with it here is aggravating me.


Anyway, pater and I moved everything into my condo today from the storage locker in Oakville. Said locker (well, lockers) is now empty. The condo is now actually hospitable (thanks mainly to the Rogers guy who came 'round and hooked up my cable and internet), and largely full of books. We assembled the my desk and book shelves (after spending nearly 2 hours hunting for the bag of screws, bolts, brackets, etc. so we could put the damn things together), and the whole setup looks pretty swanky. We also got the TV, DVD, and stereo hooked up, so I got to sit around on the futon and watch wonderful cable TV for an hour. MY cable TV. I no longer have to share the damn idiot box with anyone. It is a very liberating feeling.

The place is still a mess, though. Boxes and books everywhere, not to mention that the bedroom needs a good steam clean and there are some laminate boards missing due to water damage. I've also been finding MORE shit that the previous tenants, renters it turns out, left behind. Grrr.

But I'm settling in. And it looks like things, at least on the appartment front, are at least going well.

The rest of my life, however, is plotting to stress me into a hernia. But exams end this week, and CAiNE is over (report to follow), and then its just work, game, and that's about it.

At least I'll have plenty of timeto write some MUCH overdue Way Down stories.



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