Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I have a new home

Well, I now have a condo. Payment details are being finalized and a building inspection is being set up, but in almost exactly 30 days I will be in posession of a 6th floor condo in the Esplanade, a nice, family-sort-of neighbourhood in Toronto. Downtown Toronto.

The amount of joy I feel at this time is...difficult to express. Its a really nice place. One bedroom, with a little set off den. Those fake wood laminate floors, built in washer and dryer, etc. etc. etc.

More to the point, its MINE. I cannot be kicked out becuase school is over, or because its Christmas break. I do not have to deal with siblings or parents living there. The only people in there will be the people *I* choose, and I won't have to go down the hall to cook some food anymore. Honestly, its gonna be frickin wonderful. Just absolutely MARVELOUS.

I take posession on April 2nd, but I probably won't be moving in until after CAiNE. And then, slowly, moving things piece by piece. Stuff I don't need here in dorm, transported on the TTC over a series of weeks (as opposed to one horrid move on the day I leave residence).

...though I find myself wondering: How in god's name did I get my minibar fridge in here in the first place? I honestly have no idea, becuase I didn't bring it by cab, which means I must have carried it bodily with me...which seems more than a little impossible (or at least highly imporbable). Best not to think about it, I suppose.

More Way Down tonight



Blogger Philip said...

Congrats man! And do you know what? I am moving in The Esplanade also! Haha! I'm moving in on 1st of April.

3:56 p.m.  

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