Thursday, January 11, 2007

Mad Christmas

Kelsi and I got together today to trade presents. I hadn't actually seen her for almost a month, due to illness, then holidays. But was good times. We got each other, inadvertantly, what ended up being mad scientist presents.

She got me a venus flytrap. BEWARE! Soon it shall be THIRTY FEET TALL and will walk about devouring all men named Seymour! Its currently watered and sitting on my shelf. Must remember to water it every day,since the air in the dorm is pretty dry. I may also have to go about procuring insects for it, as all I have in here is the occasional moth.

I got her a copy of the "Villain's Guide to Better Living", a book that I've sworn by for many years, and was one of the inspirations when I was playing my Nocker, Herr Doktor Innis Dupoir Nachteltaffen, in Changeling. If you haven't read it, go search it out on Amazon. Its really worth it.

Kelsi is really into mad science, and turned me on to Shaenon Garrity's mad science comic, Narbonic. I'd heard about it a few times before, but Kelsi FINALLY talked me into reading it. I blazed through over six years ofmaterial in the course of two weeks. I am a geek, a geek am I.

In other news, I am back at school now. Moved into dorm without any real problems, and have set about cleaning the place up. The room is finally relatively clean and orderly (don't open the closet), which is a big improvement over what it looked like when I came back.

Work continues apace on the rewrite of the Way Down. A POV 1st person narrator has finally been found, which was VERY difficult. Necropolis has a few new residents who weren't mentioned, or who were only mentioned in passing in the four or five published stories. This Way Down will be more of a work in progress, something that I will try to update by a chapter (1000-3000 words) each week. I'mgonna give that a shot, I haven't serialized anything since I used to post 3 page sections of the script for the first issue of PROJECT: BEOWULF (god...I haven't looked THAT over in a while, not since the friendly and insightful Jason Kalivas helped me out with an edit).

My digital camera can take 13 black and white photos in under 5 seconds. Beware. Soon my hair shall turn red, I'll forget how to swear, and I'll start saying things like "Golly gee wilikers, Mister Kent! Miss Lane's been taken hostage by Mister Luthor again!".

...shit. I ALREADY say "golly gee wilikers" and "gee golly gosh" more than is probably healthy for a sane man.

That is all for now. Now that I have a schedule will be trying to update regularly. There will be movie and comic some point soon, I'm sure. You all deserve them. Also, I must remember to go back to The Engine at some point. Damn.



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