Thursday, July 13, 2006


Its been close to a month since I posted anything. I've just been so tired and drained lately.

This job at the Fire Hall is murdering me, I swear. Late hours (i seem to be JUST working closes), and the like.

I had a bit of a reprieve this week, and got Tuesday and Wednesday off, which was good. It means that I had two days to rest and recover and go out and actually DO things.

Moving has, however, decimated my library. About 15-16 plastic bins of books have gone into storage. Three cardboard boxes of novels have gone to the used book store, and all the comics I threw out were either reclaimed by my brothers or sold to the neighbours during our big garage sale.

My room is slowly being stripped down. All my book cases, shelving, and dressers are gone. My desk, bed, and fridge still remain, along with a single book case that is staying with the house anyway, so I have my nWoD books there.

I can't believe how much STUFF I have. Its unbelievable.

My rapier, staff, and dragon cane are coming with me to university, along with my top hats and fedora. All other weapons and fancy stuff is going into storage with the 'rents rather than my storage lockers. Too valuable, really.

THat is all for now. More later.



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