Thursday, June 01, 2006

The 4400 are the Peterson Specials (SPOILERS)

Huh. It all makes sense now.

I just finished watching the first part of the season 2 finale of The 4400. Its TIGHT.

Basic premise: all the 4400 start getting sick, so the government tries to round ALL of them up, arrest them, and throw them back in quarantine. Some resist and refuse to come. The sickness inhibits their powers. But there's this scene at the 4400 Centre where all the security guards and staff have linked arms to keep the NTAC agents out...then just part to let them in.

Maybe its the X-3 residue, but I kept expecting three innocuous looking 4400s to step out from behind them and open up a can of super-powered whupass.


It turns out that all the 4400 have a unique chemical in their bodies called "promison". And that NTAC has been injecting them with something called a "promison inhibitor". To quote Berkoff: "I don't know what 'promison' is, or why you'd want to inhibit it..."

Which actually explains a lot. Promison seems to be exactly like the hormones produced by a Nova's Mazarin-Rashroud Node, which is to say that its the catalyst for change in the 4400 that give them their powers. And the inhibitor might be what's causing those without powers to not manifest their abilities.

...thus once the inhibitors are removed, I figure the 4400 are going to turn into the Peterson Specials at the end of the first Rising Stars arc. Everyone gets powers. I could be wrong, but...I dunno.

Makes me want to re-read Aberrant and Rising Stars.


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