Thursday, July 27, 2006

Injurious Weeks

Work is slowly murdering me, I swear. I'm a schedule that basically consists of: get up at noon, go to work at 4:30, get him at between 1 and 2am, go to bed at 5am. I'm getting 6-7 hours sleep a night on average. Somehow depression has not managed to set in, a fact I can only attribute to actually having things to DO (moving and all), and the fact that I seem to have a lot more friends to chat with online than I did before (hey, Kim!), and friends I can hang out in Toronto with (best regards to Caitlin, who's going off to the UK, and Colette, for putting up with wandering through the city for nearly 6 hours on foot).

I have, however, managed to acrue FAR more injuries at The Firehall than I did at Il Posto, Sharkey's, and the Abbey Grill combined. I've gotten one burn that looks like its going to leave a scar, multiple hand gashes, and a few other minor burns. This is in addition to pulling my neck muscles. I pulled my shoulder yesterday, but that was more a case of being a dumbass while hauling folded boxes around the house. On the advice of Nina over at the Hairy Tarantula, I slept without a pillow last night, and I'm actually feeling better. Arm still hurts something fierce, but its the dull ache of a healing jury, which is better than yesterday, when half the time I felt like insane subcutaneous gnomes were trying to amputate my right arm at the shoulder blade.

I'm almost completly packed for moving out, and at some point next week Pater and I will be moving all my university-bound boxes to a friend's house in Toronto where I'll be staying for 2 weeks. Its about 12 plastic boxes and a few miscellaneous cardboard, not to mention my spices, my shinai, my rapier, my staff, a couple canes, my fridge, and my desk chair. Clothes are being kept in suitcases, and I'll make one ENORMOUS trip into Toronto on my Move Out Date with two suitcases, 1 duffel, my knife roll, and three back packs, which contain collectivly everything I need to live for a month on my own. Also need to find my ethernet cable. It does not appear to be around anywhere.

Finally, I DID manage to get out yesterday and see "My Super Ex-Girlfriend". Its a decent little flick. Uma Thurman as a completly neurotic super-heroine. Surprisingly well written and funny. Not a really serious movie, but pretty good. Though I hold that G-Girl's powers are psionic or gravitic in nature rather than general Superman-stuff. That weird warping trail she leaves behind her as she flies suggests that she might be doing something to the actual space around her to get up to full speed. It would also explain how she handles objects that SHOULD break in half (such as kicking a missle into orbit). She is, basically, a Nova...

...yeah! G-Girl is a Nova with Taint 5! She has an Anima Banner on her Flight, and she also has a minor Derangement in the form of being neurotic when it comes to relationships (to the point of throwing a shark through her ex-boyfriend's window). The shark was actually a pretty good scene...and a good example of her doing something that's blatantly physically impossible...and succeeding.

I'm working on the setup for two books at the moment, one of which involves the pitch I posted last year about the Holiday Characters Convention. The other has a weird working title, and is shaping into a 4 issue miniseries. Mind you that before I can get most anything off the ground I need the SY pitch stuff back from Shawn Richter. Oh I hope I hope.



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