Sunday, February 04, 2007

Gregory House, Warren Ellis, The Bard...What Do These Three Have in Common?

We're all on the bloody STICK! That's what!


So anyway, I got clipped by a cab on Wednesday. The passengers of Beck Cab 1007 (yes, if you read this I know who you are, the police have been notified, we will be having words) opened their door into my left knee as I rode past them, out of their seeming inability to notice what was right in front of them. I dunno...its possible they were bipedal hammerhead sharks, I'm not 100% sure. The male ran off pretty quick, and the female seemed more worried about the appearence of calling 911 than giving the cab's information.

Suffice to say, I went flying, because when it comes to 210lbs. of human flesh vs. half a ton of Detroit heavy metal, the Motor City's finest product wins. Hands down. So I went FLYING. Head over handlebars, ass over teakettle, as they say. Unlike the last time I took a spill on my bike I did NOT manage to pull into a chigari roll, and just wound up flat on my face, VERY glad I was wearing my winter jacket (and thus only got a very minor scrape). And no sooner do the passengers get out of the car and close their door...but the frelling cab drives the hell off at TOP speed.

My front wheel is TOTALED. I'm considering uploading pictures, its actually pretty impressive. It looks like someone Marcel Duchamp would hang in a gallery. My knee looks, or looked (the swelling has gone down considerably in the last few days), like it had a half pound of cotton stuffed under the skin.

My thanks to Darrel Last-name-unknown, of SpeedTrek International Inc., a passing bike courier who got the cab's number and some information from the passengers before they wigged out and ran off, no doubt fearing the mighty power of the Civil Suit.

So then I hauled my ass three blocks over and two blocks down to Toronto PD 52 division (as a DC comics fan, the irony here is not lost on me), where a very nice officer named Hardwick (I know a Hardwick back in BC, I think he's a cop, too...they two are, though, apparently not related) took down all my info and was quite friendly, even giving me a lift to the ER at Toronto General once we were done. Information is being passed to Hit & Run, I hope to hear back from them this week. If not, they will be hearing from me.

My leg was not, thankfully, broken or sprained. It was just really, really swollen, and I suspect has a rather badly pulled or strained muscle. Due to my weird quirk of physiology, I don't bruise like a regular person. So while my leg is stiff, hurts like a bitch at times, and won't bear as much weight as normal, it is not actually constantly sore or aching, and I'm slowly weaning my way off the cane. Work today was a bit painful for 6 hours without sitting down, but I take that as a sign that I'mhealing well.

Which is actually pretty impressive considering that car door opened into my leg when I was going between 10 and 20kph, and then I went flying and LANDED on said knee. I walked away miraculously unharmed for how bad an injury I could have gotten.

ER was OK. Took about an hour to get to see a doctor, which I'm told is a GOOD time in these cirumstances, and everyone was wonderful and friendly. No one popped vicodin while spouting witty one liners, a fact for which I am sorely dissapointed, but at least they were civil.

After the ER I went to the Hairy Tarantula, blew about a hundred bucks on trades, a new RPG (...its magic noir! 1920s with sorcery!), and "Grave Robbers From Outer Space". Then went out for dinner with my stepmother (who coincidentally happened to be in town...I know, whenever I fall I always manage to find a few bucks in the gutter) at this fabulous Portugese place. Made friends with the kitchen folk there. Was all good.

Then ordered the new English translation of "Day Watch" by Sergei Luchyenko (reading "Night Watch" right now...its so fucking good...SOOOOOO good), as well as the first 10 books of "Amber" (in one big handy volume that I have lusted after for years), and the new animated Iron Man movie.

Thursday I met up early with Kelsi. We got together 3 hours earlier than expected, becuase I ditched class so as a) meet up with Kelsi earlier, and b) not have to trek across campus with a bum knee. She and I had a really good time. Played "Grave Robbers"...which was just hilarious. She managed to build a cast of almost entirely Young characters, AND drew "Mom" ("Mom gains +1 Defense for every 'Young' character in your movie"), which managed to survive some truly heinous Creature combo attacks I threw out at her ("Campy '60s Crossover" with "Arachnaphobia" and "Sewer Cannibals"...or the best, "Alien Pod People" buffed with "The Mad Scientist", and "The Money Shot"...and picking off Mom and the Aged Vampire Hunter with "Only The Virgin Survives"...yeah, I'm geeking out). Dinner and talking ensued, as usual.

Friday I took off work, knee still bugging me, and took the bike in to CyclePath to get it repaired, and to have some professionals look it over to tell me what the damage is, so I can hand THAT bit of info eventually to the cab company's insurance people as well. Also ended upgrabbing Dan Simmons' "Endymion", and a copy of the Hagakure, which I'm using in Requiem.

...and Futureshop netted me a real gem. The 1989-90 FOX TV show, "Alien Nation", on DVD. Full series. For $19.99. I loved the show back when they were rerunning it on SPACE. Now I've been watching it for the alst two days, and I still love it. WONDERFUL show.

So we come to now. My leg still hurts, but its getting better. I exercised today for the first time since Wednesday. I got a care package/birthday present from Mom involving a lot of chocolate and home made shortbread cookies. Work was OK, and I have nice, big, fat paycheck in my pocket. And I will hopefully be shaking down a cab company for money, so really...I'm not doing too badly.

Every cloud has a silver lining, eh?



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